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Cruising Riviera Maya

Cruising Riviera Maya


Being on the river during our stay at Fairmont Mayakoba felt so right from the start. Every time we walked over a bridge I would stop and take a photo and just pause for a few seconds. Also, let it be known I lost my mind in the best way when a boat would go by. 


On our second day of the trip, we had the opportunity to go on a boat tour  (hello cute coconut waters) and the moment we started, it felt like the ultimate jungle cruise. Towering both sides of the river was lush vegetation and every characteristic of a rainforest you can think of. Our guide pointed out birds and fish to us that I totally would’ve missed.


We found out that there are five crocodiles on property right now and we ended up seeing two of them on our boat tour. Once they grow to be a certain size, they’re taken to a safer place. It blew my mind how our guide was able to spot them because they’re like camouflaged statues. I was INTO IT.


Pro tip: Go to La Laguna and get breakfast (chilaquiles, then take a dip in the infinity pool that’s on the river. Favorite spot ever!


Beyond the insanely stunning river rides, our favorite way to get around was by bike. When I saw that the hotel offered this it was like Christmas morning and I had won the jackpot all at once. If you see a bike somewhere you can just take and start riding. They were ALWAYS around which made it nice for going from the lobby to the beach.


Above is the view on the way to dinner during sunset, on our first night. It felt like a different world. I can’t wait to go back one day and I already miss it so much! It’s one of those epic places that doesn’t feel real until you are there.

 This content was produced in partnership with Fairmont Mayakoba and Travel Mindset.

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