Arielle Vey is a photographer with a passion for design. She loves painting, a bold cocktail, and getting out of town as often as possible.



Visiting the Pacific Northwest feels like reminiscing with a life long friend and picking up right where you left off. It's my home and comfort zone, a place where everything feels right and the days float by so easily. 

Last weekend, my mom, dad, and I (only child moment!) went up to Seattle to spend some time with family. Those couple days were too good for words, as I got to hug so many people I don't see often enough. It was an entirely relaxing 48 hours and I already want to go back. 

My itinerary lingered into the beginning of the week for a special solo trip to Vancouver. BTW, first timer over here, and this city has now made its way to the top of my list for places to go back to for so many reasons. I spent two nights at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and talk about luxury. YOU GUYS. I cannot express how special this place is. You can literally push a button to have the drapes open and close, there's a TV built into the bathroom mirror, and clearly I am not used to such accommodations!


The lobby had me looking twice every time I came back and this marble theme mixed with pops of color still has me in a trance. 

I woke up early on my first day and immediately made green tea, worked from bed, and watched Fixer Upper in the background. This IS my perfect scenario. I also just quickly need to note this adorable Pantone Rubik's Cube and how it matches all things Tealeaves. 

This visit to Vancouver was to meet the team behind the #PaletteForYourPalate campaign and have the ultimate Tealeaves cocktail experience. Yes, this is real life and yes, I'm still in shock. This campaign is a form of plated expressionism, as Tealeaves partnered up with the Pantone Color Institute and reached out to 30+ culinary artists. World class chefs and mixologists invented recipes using Tealeaves whole leaf pyramid teabags and it's all for a limited time. In a nutshell: A traveling exhibit of vibrant cocktails to replicate Pantone colors. Also read: my campaign soulmate

Currently making a splash at the Fairmont Pacific Rim is the Benzaiten cocktail made with Tealeaves Long Life Green Tea coinciding with Pantone #349C. This enlightening refresher is made with gin infused green tea, a rosemary cucumber syrup, and lime juice. This is only at Fairmont Pacific Rim until August 30th so if you're in the area, I highly recommend! I am all about that cucumber gin combo so naturally, this worked out great. 

After happy hour, we got to walk through two insane suites at the hotel. I snapped some photos of my favorite details and was in a level of heaven as I turned every corner. 

Aside from getting a taste of everything this dream hotel had to offer, I woke up for sunrise both days I was there and I think gasped out load on day two. Yes, gasping on my balcony, in a plush floor length robe, bedhead for the win, and pre-coffee for good measure. 5:30 is an unbelievably beautiful time of day. 

After my little photo sesh, I got dressed and headed down to the waterfront to soak it all in before I had to head home. Since it was such a quick trip, this was my taste of the city and it fulfilled me so much. I can only imagine what venturing into downtown for all the food is like AND being able to drive a short distance to a bounty of nature. Beyond all of that, the people I met were so exquisite and lovely and humble.


A huge thank you to everyone at the Fairmont Pacific Rim for a perfect stay (aaand addicting seasoned popcorn whenever I sat in the lobby lounge), and the Tealeaves team + Pantone for having me join in on this brilliant campaign. Until next time you pretty city. 

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