Photography + How To Take Better Photos For Your Brand


Gear Up

Investment DSLR: Canon 5D Mark IV / Nikon D850

Basic DSLR: Canon Rebel xTi

Lenses to look for: 24-85mm 2.8 / 70-200mm / 50mm / 35mm

Alternative brands: Sigma / Lensbaby


Get the Shot

Start out in the shade as direct sunlight can be tricky to navigate. Practice shooting at sunrise or sunset because the light is nice and soft.

Take WAY MORE pictures than you think you might need. Have too many to work with versus not enough. Sometimes you will end up loving a photo you took spontaneously more than the one you initially had in mind. This is a trick that will set your brand apart.

Play with angles. Get down low, lay down, do down dog (JK but really), work YOUR angle until you see something in a different way. The most important thing to do is just play. Give yourself plenty of time to experiment.

I highly recommend this YouTube channel for easy to follow photography tutorials:

Carmella horizontal.jpg

Let’s Edit

Adobe Lightroom offers a free trial and after that, you can either purchase in full or pay a small monthly fee to use it. Lightroom allows you to make presets which can be applied to any photo and then customized from there.

A great Lightroom tutorial:

The pack I use daily:

(use code ARIELLEVEY20 for 20% off)

I use the preset called “72 and Sunny” within the California pack. I add warmth and brightness to the preset using the basic tools in Lightroom.


iPhone Only!

Apps to download:

• UNUM (grid organization and planning)

• Snapseed (AMAZING editing techniques)

• A Color Story (my go-to quick filters that also work on video)

My tutorial on how to edit on iPhone (interiors):

My tutorial on how to edit on iPhone (outdoor):

Watch this video for easy tips on how to make iPhone photos better:


Make Your Brand Stand Out

Use the same 1-2 filters or presets on all of your photos. Pick a style you love and play with the settings. In A Color Story, you can make your own filters based on any edit you make. If you love what you’re creating it will continue to evolve and the more you practice, the more your style will shine.

Feed curation: Use the UNUM app to organize and plan out your feed. I use this app to see if my colors are lining up and how the next post is going to look. If every photo has the same edit and color treatment, it will look seamless. Once you start playing with this app you will become addicted to photo placement!

Experiment with color and go for the unexpected. Keep practicing. Do something everyday with photography that challenges you. Beyond that, be yourself! There’s room for everyone and there is no one else like you.