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Training For My 2nd Half Marathon

Training For My 2nd Half Marathon

There's a title I never thought I'd see! This time around is so different on many levels, but one thing remains the same: I'm nervous AF!!! Okay, that's out in the open and now I can tell you about what I've been up to in the wellness department. 

This particular set of 13.1 miles came into my life via The Suja San Diego Half Marathon and believe me when I say: I have been flooded with green juices alike from the God's and it's sincerely been helping me these last couple of months. Speaking of which, my spring season brought plenty of travel, and that has been a part of my training this year. I was able to run and pack in as much cardio as I could on some trips (also read: SoulCycle dominates) but on others, I was on a firm schedule and couldn't make it happen.

In mid May when I felt like I could finally get up and go, I went for a solid run and felt awesome. The next day was similar but then the third was really rough. I started to feel a dull stabbing pain in my inner arches. I've never felt this before, so of course I immediately googled the issue so I could satisfy my self-diagnostic tendencies. It's called plantar fasciitis and my brain can't pronounce it. I trained too quickly and too hard after little to no running for a long period time. My feet freaked out and my emotions went along with it. This is due to the fact that when I can run, I'm instantly happier. I feel like myself. I tried new shoes and they didn't help. I tried rolling a frozen water bottle, taping, and wearing sneakers everyday with major arch support only. Let's just say I'm on a whole lot of Advil.

How I'm Strength Training

In lieu of running thanks to this temporary injury, I've been upping my yoga and strength game whenever I can. I've been obsessed with Yoga With Adrienne for a couple years and right now I'm digging her Abs & Arms, Yoga for the Feet (PERFECT, RIGHT?!), and her Total Body Workout. I'm always sore after her videos and it's just comfortable. I feel like even repeating the same video brings a new challenge. I've also been lifting more and that's been relieving back tension like I can't even tell you! All good things while my feet heal. 

What I'm Eating

For breakfast I go one of two ways: two scrambled eggs and one piece of wheat toast or non-fat greek yogurt, hemp granola, and a ton of fruit. Totes showing off the prettier of the two.

I usually pair this breakfast with my favorite Suja green juice. The tartness from the grapefruit and herbal undertones are what make it so refreshing. This way, I'm getting my protein, fruits, and veggies in all before my workout. My morning routine has also included rolling out my arches and I've been using a lacrosse ball (let me explain!!). I went to get tension relieving balls and the kind gentleman helping said to save $15 and just get a lacrosse ball because it's the same rolling experience. Thank you, kind sir! 

For lunch, I've been getting down on fancy toast. Or in my mind, everything I'd put in my normal salad but sneaking my carbs in whenever I can. This one is avocado, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, red cabbage, feta, lemon juice, and salt + pepper. I usually have a late lunch so this definitely holds me until dinner. I love pairing lunch with something light so the Suja Probiotic Waters are winning in my household. My current go-to is the pineapple, lemon and cayenne on ice. 

When dinner rolls around we've usually got some sort of protein and veggie, whether its on a homemade pizza, or just straight up chicken and broccoli. 

What I'm Wearing 

My tried and true shoes are undoubtedly the Nike Zoom Pegasus. I've been wearing these daily for not only support while I'm going a little easier on my feet, but they kind of go with everything. Leggings with pockets are my jam for running but I've also hopped on the Lululemon train and now I get it. I'll be totally honest when I say I didn't before. They truly fit like a glove and hug every part of the lower half without discomfort. I also stick to random tops that are cozy to me and sports bras that keep the upper back pain free. 


Without this handful of miscellaneous items, I wouldn't be feeling as great as I am right now. From left to right: Nike Zoom Pegasus 32, Lululemon High Times Pant, 7 pound weights, Bauerfeind compression sleeves - these have been doing wonders for my calves which is a huge factor for healing arch pain, Adidas Pure Boost X - I literally feel like I float when I walk around in them, headphones because what is life without, medical tape, The Theia Sport Sock - these socks are fantastic with my Nikes and so soft to the touch, Suja Berry Nana because it's my all time favorite, and my sports bra from Target because it's adjustable all around. Bonussss.

With the half marathon coming around the corner (TOMORROW!), I'm feeling a lot better and know that when I start, anything can happen. I know my limits and if my feet aren't having it, I will stop to avoid injury. My health comes first and this won't be the last half marathon. I'm getting really excited and the adrenaline is on it's merry way. Extra happy points for being able to run alongside my girl Dominique, who's been my ultimate inspiration and motivator the whole way through. See you back here for a little recap and huge thank you to Suja for having me!



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