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Friday Night at W Seattle

Friday Night at W Seattle

A few years back, Bennett and I started a tradition of planning a getaway in conjunction with our b-days in April (his is the 7th and mine is the 19th). Usually, this involves San Francisco in one way or another which it TOTALLY did, but this year it was my turn and I wanted a little taste of Seattle even if for just a few nights. So, we cruised north on the morning of my 27th and spent some time in SF, then started our longer journey to the PNW. If you've never experienced this drive please hear my words and do yourself the greenest most picturesque favor of your adult life. 

On the agenda was having a ridiculously perfect stay at W Seattle. When we go "home" it almost feels like we never left. We both grew up there and adore downtown which is why an evening of a fancy feast and the comfiest bed OF OUR LIVES was so special (after a 12 hour drive it's even better).

We drove into town, checked in right away, and did not look baaaack! First of all, our room was freshly renovated and nestled in a corner of the 16th floor with a NW views abound. 


Speaking of design...sweet God. The living room downstairs is a convention of colors with modern touches. I can't even. This is the path that led us to Trace, W's restaurant and my dream scenario. 

We were lucky enough to have a 4 course meal prepared by Chef Steven Ariel. Can we start by addressing this custom menu? I weeped. And then we ordered drinks. 

For the first round I got the Lavender Longpour: Titos Vodka, Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur, lavender dry soda, & lemon juice. I had never tried a lavender cocktail with ginger but it was the best one I've had hands down. 

Appetizers! I cannot relive this moment in time unless I am there again and taking in the Warm Charizo & White Bean Dip. Also, the Trace Roll was perfectly spicy. The jalapeño salsa on that bad boy was insane. 

I know, we need to talk about it. The Farmer's Roasted Vegetable Salad was favored and it wasn't just the colors or presentation. This thing was too good not to finish. 

Round dos and pre entree: Pink Grapefruit Martini. I probably had more of these at the bar after dinner but that's another memory. 

Perfection exists and it resides in this butter sauce. The Roasted Crispy Skin Salmon with sautéed pea vines, baby carrots, and shimeji mushrooms took 1st place. There are few things in life that I've tasted and was considerably amazed by. At this point we were pret-taaay full but 1. dessert was next and 2. vacation. 

Something for everyone! Or in our cases, we will literally eat anything so both options were happily consumed. Top photo: Vegan Chocolate Cake which was an unexpected bonus. If this is what vegan dessert is like then I would literally never know the difference. The bottom photo contains many angels. Hothouse Rhubarb and Strawberry Trifle. If you ever find yourself at Trace, please order this, and take it to your room for immediate privacy. 

I loved how relaxed this date night was. The dishes come out in perfect timing and we were completely blown away. So were my pants but we headed to the bar for a little nightcap. As mentioned, more fancy greyhounds were had and then we slept like babies. 

Sleeping in was mandatory and checkout wasn't until noon. We got ready and headed down to the market for some savory breakfast. To us, this means piroshkies. 

 I remember taking this photo just as we were checking out, with all my luggage taking up each shoulder and elbow. I just loved this little corner so much. Everyone at W was exceptional and we can't wait to journey back.






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